niedziela, 10 lipca 2011

War is coming

I’m kneeling in front of might.
I’m begging. It can’t disappear in one moment. It’s infinite like my mind.
The terrifying roar inside me. It’s my own bestial hound.
The hell in my eyes. I’m laughing. Enemies can’t stop me. I’m stronger.
I’m pure strength in unbreakable armor. Nobody can hit me, nobody can kill me.
My steps are silent. Wake up, I’m coming. The war is coming. The war is near.

The music of drums is healing my bleeding heart.
I’m wielding axe in my hands. I’m the strongest, the bravest.
I’m Dhungor the Dark Paladin.

Chorus of dark angels give me additional power.
Small group of legionnaires try to immobilize me. It’s useless because they can’t stop Armageddon.
Apocalypse is the element of our life. The sense of every breath. Their swords are too weak.
They minds are fallen. Fallen like their souls into deep nightmare. They haven’t any chance to wake up. This is the war. This is the moment where everybody is fighting for himself.
War. Do you want what does it mean? The epic battle is coming. Epic battle from nowhere.

Steel shields are ready to impact.
Shiny weapons are ready to cleave.
Angry minds are ready to explode.

The implosion of wasted time is so beautiful.
Waiting isn’t the choice, because the best defend is attack.

Try to catch me. Try to kill me.
I am only the scariest nightmare, am I not?