sobota, 25 czerwca 2011

The enemy

The enemy.
Face to face. Anger is inside me. I can’t control it anymore. It’s stronger than me.
Darkness around me. Darkness inside me. My enemy in front of me.
Fast cut. I’m faster than the fastest animal. Cleaving above knees. Deep wounds.
Blow and smite. I’m invincible!
Me against my enemy.

Hit points aren’t important.
Armor? No, it isn’t unbreakable.
The most valuable thins is that the real warriors fight for honor.
The virtues connected to fantastic encounter are unimaginative.
Honor, pride, anger.
Experience, suffering, death.
I can’t stop because I’m unstoppable.
My axe above my head. I’m decapitating my weaknesses.

Am I fighting with my dream, am I not?
Not, definitely not. My enemy has name. Taragan the Dark Knight.
The duel for supremacy. The duel for being the most powerful dark paladin in the world.
I don’t know this word. There is no place for it in my dictionary.
There is no place also for mercy. Everyone who is weak should be eliminated.
In a simple way. Cutting like a tree. I’m a lumberjack of emotions. I’m destroying weaknesses.

Critical hit.
Critical hit.
Deep wound.
Critical hit.
Critical hit.

My enemy is finally dead. Taragan the Dark Knight is six feet below the ground. I’ve made a small funeral for him. Because people must help each other. And this is the part of codex:
Position 1: Respect the enemy.

wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

Facts of unreal existence

Name: Dhungor
Nickname: Dark Paladin
Element: Steel
Race: Dwarf
Height: Average
Weight: Above average
Favorite weapon: 2-handad Axe
Favorite flavor:  Taste of victory
Preferable armor: Plates
Preferable alcohol: Beer, of course.
Available auras:
Aura of thorns (50% of incoming damage is reverse to attacker, passive)
Aura of dark power (+2 to strength modifier, passive)
Aura of drunk master (+20% to not occur hangover effect, passive)
Aura of charisma (+1 dice to endurance test, passive)
Available skills:
Tendon slash (-30% penalty to enemy’s initiative)
Decapitate (+200% modifier to damage)
Dark Paladin divinity (Hit Points regeneration, +10/round, passive)
Vampire touch (stealing hit points from enemy)
Ectoplasmatic ghost-call (3 ghosts respawn appear in random area)

The storyteller can sum up this character in few lines:
Strong, powerful dark paladin know as Dhungor is one of the most powerful warriors in the world. He challenge the undefeated master of Second Wind and won the duel in less than 1 minute.
The tactics of this knight is simple and can be describe by quotation 
“Iustum enim est bellum quibus necessarium, et pia arma, ubi nulla nisi in armis spes est.”
By Titus Livius.

It means that man can win every war, because in his heart there is invincible hope.
And this hope is the sense of Dhunger existence.

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011

The vivid memories, the dark future.

The happiness of world is in my hand. In left one, because in the right one I have an axe. I will decapitate the pleasure, because I think the world isn’t ready to gain real satisfaction.
World is burning. The cruelty and pain are devastating all of people’s minds. The changing positive emotions into negative ones is the real fact. What is the true face of this mask? Mask of feelings.

Dhungor the Dark is not Dhungor the Observer anymore.
Priorities have changed permanently.
Now there is no hope and no possibility to dream.
Now there is Chaos. Only Chaos and his knights.
Dhungor the Dark is one of the soldiers in Anarchy army.
Step by step. Arm by arm. The aim is closer.
The world is burning. The hot tears are so destructive.
Boiling volcano of emotions in the center of human mind.

The failure. The word-key to human minds and their hearts.
Do you know what does it means?
The crash of weaknesses. The weaknesses, which can easily change the human sight on some things. Dhungor the Observer become Dhungor the Dark, because of his weakness.
Because of his incompetence in fight against Fear. He can’t forgot his past. Something has broken in his heart. The vivid memories..
In mighty dark.

Why the changes come true?
I am thinking that personality depends on line of human morality, am I?
I’m not sure about anything.
The next stage of this history is actual.
Actual, because written on dwarf tragedy.

piątek, 3 czerwca 2011

The liberator

The few first steps of my journey were really hard. I’ve expected that and tried even harder to get what I want. The Forgotten Valley was completely destroyed by mudslide. The devastating avalanche, which has ruined the all environment. Trees were slashed by invisible power of nature.
Dhungor the Observer was unwelcomed guest in this land. I still have the unforgettable vision of trail between black roses. My memories were strong. I can’t explain myself why I wanted to find and count the casualties of this tragedy than continue my expedition. This feeling of helping people was strange. I was real warrior with barbarian priorities. Compassion? How? Have I changed because of my past? I was too pathetic to face the truth. I wasn’t the warrior anymore. I’m the paladin of new hope! The paladin of unbreakable light! The light of revenge is with me!

Why I decided to become a paladin?

The one day in the dark
I’ve found an angel of might
He gave me the power and truth
Who kill my dad and what is the blood
I didn’t excepted that it was mine fault
Because now I’m Dhungor, Dhungor the Dark!

Dark paladin is finally arise! The truly darkness is in my veins! This forest and counting the casualties has changed my honor into ‘betrayal and intrigue’ way of thinking. Now I’m provided by the lust of blood. Nobody can’t stop me!
I’m killing machine!
Look at this bodies in front of me!
Thousands of orcs! I’ve killed them all! Me and my gloomy runed axe. I’ve discover my real nature. I was created to bring people the most important values: pain and suffering.
I’m not murderer. I’m only the liberator.
Liberator of new hope!