piątek, 3 czerwca 2011

The liberator

The few first steps of my journey were really hard. I’ve expected that and tried even harder to get what I want. The Forgotten Valley was completely destroyed by mudslide. The devastating avalanche, which has ruined the all environment. Trees were slashed by invisible power of nature.
Dhungor the Observer was unwelcomed guest in this land. I still have the unforgettable vision of trail between black roses. My memories were strong. I can’t explain myself why I wanted to find and count the casualties of this tragedy than continue my expedition. This feeling of helping people was strange. I was real warrior with barbarian priorities. Compassion? How? Have I changed because of my past? I was too pathetic to face the truth. I wasn’t the warrior anymore. I’m the paladin of new hope! The paladin of unbreakable light! The light of revenge is with me!

Why I decided to become a paladin?

The one day in the dark
I’ve found an angel of might
He gave me the power and truth
Who kill my dad and what is the blood
I didn’t excepted that it was mine fault
Because now I’m Dhungor, Dhungor the Dark!

Dark paladin is finally arise! The truly darkness is in my veins! This forest and counting the casualties has changed my honor into ‘betrayal and intrigue’ way of thinking. Now I’m provided by the lust of blood. Nobody can’t stop me!
I’m killing machine!
Look at this bodies in front of me!
Thousands of orcs! I’ve killed them all! Me and my gloomy runed axe. I’ve discover my real nature. I was created to bring people the most important values: pain and suffering.
I’m not murderer. I’m only the liberator.
Liberator of new hope!