czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011

The vivid memories, the dark future.

The happiness of world is in my hand. In left one, because in the right one I have an axe. I will decapitate the pleasure, because I think the world isn’t ready to gain real satisfaction.
World is burning. The cruelty and pain are devastating all of people’s minds. The changing positive emotions into negative ones is the real fact. What is the true face of this mask? Mask of feelings.

Dhungor the Dark is not Dhungor the Observer anymore.
Priorities have changed permanently.
Now there is no hope and no possibility to dream.
Now there is Chaos. Only Chaos and his knights.
Dhungor the Dark is one of the soldiers in Anarchy army.
Step by step. Arm by arm. The aim is closer.
The world is burning. The hot tears are so destructive.
Boiling volcano of emotions in the center of human mind.

The failure. The word-key to human minds and their hearts.
Do you know what does it means?
The crash of weaknesses. The weaknesses, which can easily change the human sight on some things. Dhungor the Observer become Dhungor the Dark, because of his weakness.
Because of his incompetence in fight against Fear. He can’t forgot his past. Something has broken in his heart. The vivid memories..
In mighty dark.

Why the changes come true?
I am thinking that personality depends on line of human morality, am I?
I’m not sure about anything.
The next stage of this history is actual.
Actual, because written on dwarf tragedy.