sobota, 25 czerwca 2011

The enemy

The enemy.
Face to face. Anger is inside me. I can’t control it anymore. It’s stronger than me.
Darkness around me. Darkness inside me. My enemy in front of me.
Fast cut. I’m faster than the fastest animal. Cleaving above knees. Deep wounds.
Blow and smite. I’m invincible!
Me against my enemy.

Hit points aren’t important.
Armor? No, it isn’t unbreakable.
The most valuable thins is that the real warriors fight for honor.
The virtues connected to fantastic encounter are unimaginative.
Honor, pride, anger.
Experience, suffering, death.
I can’t stop because I’m unstoppable.
My axe above my head. I’m decapitating my weaknesses.

Am I fighting with my dream, am I not?
Not, definitely not. My enemy has name. Taragan the Dark Knight.
The duel for supremacy. The duel for being the most powerful dark paladin in the world.
I don’t know this word. There is no place for it in my dictionary.
There is no place also for mercy. Everyone who is weak should be eliminated.
In a simple way. Cutting like a tree. I’m a lumberjack of emotions. I’m destroying weaknesses.

Critical hit.
Critical hit.
Deep wound.
Critical hit.
Critical hit.

My enemy is finally dead. Taragan the Dark Knight is six feet below the ground. I’ve made a small funeral for him. Because people must help each other. And this is the part of codex:
Position 1: Respect the enemy.