niedziela, 10 lipca 2011

War is coming

I’m kneeling in front of might.
I’m begging. It can’t disappear in one moment. It’s infinite like my mind.
The terrifying roar inside me. It’s my own bestial hound.
The hell in my eyes. I’m laughing. Enemies can’t stop me. I’m stronger.
I’m pure strength in unbreakable armor. Nobody can hit me, nobody can kill me.
My steps are silent. Wake up, I’m coming. The war is coming. The war is near.

The music of drums is healing my bleeding heart.
I’m wielding axe in my hands. I’m the strongest, the bravest.
I’m Dhungor the Dark Paladin.

Chorus of dark angels give me additional power.
Small group of legionnaires try to immobilize me. It’s useless because they can’t stop Armageddon.
Apocalypse is the element of our life. The sense of every breath. Their swords are too weak.
They minds are fallen. Fallen like their souls into deep nightmare. They haven’t any chance to wake up. This is the war. This is the moment where everybody is fighting for himself.
War. Do you want what does it mean? The epic battle is coming. Epic battle from nowhere.

Steel shields are ready to impact.
Shiny weapons are ready to cleave.
Angry minds are ready to explode.

The implosion of wasted time is so beautiful.
Waiting isn’t the choice, because the best defend is attack.

Try to catch me. Try to kill me.
I am only the scariest nightmare, am I not?

sobota, 25 czerwca 2011

The enemy

The enemy.
Face to face. Anger is inside me. I can’t control it anymore. It’s stronger than me.
Darkness around me. Darkness inside me. My enemy in front of me.
Fast cut. I’m faster than the fastest animal. Cleaving above knees. Deep wounds.
Blow and smite. I’m invincible!
Me against my enemy.

Hit points aren’t important.
Armor? No, it isn’t unbreakable.
The most valuable thins is that the real warriors fight for honor.
The virtues connected to fantastic encounter are unimaginative.
Honor, pride, anger.
Experience, suffering, death.
I can’t stop because I’m unstoppable.
My axe above my head. I’m decapitating my weaknesses.

Am I fighting with my dream, am I not?
Not, definitely not. My enemy has name. Taragan the Dark Knight.
The duel for supremacy. The duel for being the most powerful dark paladin in the world.
I don’t know this word. There is no place for it in my dictionary.
There is no place also for mercy. Everyone who is weak should be eliminated.
In a simple way. Cutting like a tree. I’m a lumberjack of emotions. I’m destroying weaknesses.

Critical hit.
Critical hit.
Deep wound.
Critical hit.
Critical hit.

My enemy is finally dead. Taragan the Dark Knight is six feet below the ground. I’ve made a small funeral for him. Because people must help each other. And this is the part of codex:
Position 1: Respect the enemy.

wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

Facts of unreal existence

Name: Dhungor
Nickname: Dark Paladin
Element: Steel
Race: Dwarf
Height: Average
Weight: Above average
Favorite weapon: 2-handad Axe
Favorite flavor:  Taste of victory
Preferable armor: Plates
Preferable alcohol: Beer, of course.
Available auras:
Aura of thorns (50% of incoming damage is reverse to attacker, passive)
Aura of dark power (+2 to strength modifier, passive)
Aura of drunk master (+20% to not occur hangover effect, passive)
Aura of charisma (+1 dice to endurance test, passive)
Available skills:
Tendon slash (-30% penalty to enemy’s initiative)
Decapitate (+200% modifier to damage)
Dark Paladin divinity (Hit Points regeneration, +10/round, passive)
Vampire touch (stealing hit points from enemy)
Ectoplasmatic ghost-call (3 ghosts respawn appear in random area)

The storyteller can sum up this character in few lines:
Strong, powerful dark paladin know as Dhungor is one of the most powerful warriors in the world. He challenge the undefeated master of Second Wind and won the duel in less than 1 minute.
The tactics of this knight is simple and can be describe by quotation 
“Iustum enim est bellum quibus necessarium, et pia arma, ubi nulla nisi in armis spes est.”
By Titus Livius.

It means that man can win every war, because in his heart there is invincible hope.
And this hope is the sense of Dhunger existence.

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011

The vivid memories, the dark future.

The happiness of world is in my hand. In left one, because in the right one I have an axe. I will decapitate the pleasure, because I think the world isn’t ready to gain real satisfaction.
World is burning. The cruelty and pain are devastating all of people’s minds. The changing positive emotions into negative ones is the real fact. What is the true face of this mask? Mask of feelings.

Dhungor the Dark is not Dhungor the Observer anymore.
Priorities have changed permanently.
Now there is no hope and no possibility to dream.
Now there is Chaos. Only Chaos and his knights.
Dhungor the Dark is one of the soldiers in Anarchy army.
Step by step. Arm by arm. The aim is closer.
The world is burning. The hot tears are so destructive.
Boiling volcano of emotions in the center of human mind.

The failure. The word-key to human minds and their hearts.
Do you know what does it means?
The crash of weaknesses. The weaknesses, which can easily change the human sight on some things. Dhungor the Observer become Dhungor the Dark, because of his weakness.
Because of his incompetence in fight against Fear. He can’t forgot his past. Something has broken in his heart. The vivid memories..
In mighty dark.

Why the changes come true?
I am thinking that personality depends on line of human morality, am I?
I’m not sure about anything.
The next stage of this history is actual.
Actual, because written on dwarf tragedy.

piątek, 3 czerwca 2011

The liberator

The few first steps of my journey were really hard. I’ve expected that and tried even harder to get what I want. The Forgotten Valley was completely destroyed by mudslide. The devastating avalanche, which has ruined the all environment. Trees were slashed by invisible power of nature.
Dhungor the Observer was unwelcomed guest in this land. I still have the unforgettable vision of trail between black roses. My memories were strong. I can’t explain myself why I wanted to find and count the casualties of this tragedy than continue my expedition. This feeling of helping people was strange. I was real warrior with barbarian priorities. Compassion? How? Have I changed because of my past? I was too pathetic to face the truth. I wasn’t the warrior anymore. I’m the paladin of new hope! The paladin of unbreakable light! The light of revenge is with me!

Why I decided to become a paladin?

The one day in the dark
I’ve found an angel of might
He gave me the power and truth
Who kill my dad and what is the blood
I didn’t excepted that it was mine fault
Because now I’m Dhungor, Dhungor the Dark!

Dark paladin is finally arise! The truly darkness is in my veins! This forest and counting the casualties has changed my honor into ‘betrayal and intrigue’ way of thinking. Now I’m provided by the lust of blood. Nobody can’t stop me!
I’m killing machine!
Look at this bodies in front of me!
Thousands of orcs! I’ve killed them all! Me and my gloomy runed axe. I’ve discover my real nature. I was created to bring people the most important values: pain and suffering.
I’m not murderer. I’m only the liberator.
Liberator of new hope!

sobota, 28 maja 2011

Two faces of humanity

I thought that day will never come. It’s so funny. Can u believe that I felt in love in this long, human legs? This drill in my heart. Awesome feeling. I have in front of me her pretty face. Her smile is compelling. I don’t have enough power to resist her beauty. Why this is so strong? I miss her like I miss my dad. Maybe in little other way, but it’s full of vivid emotions. I’m really emotional dwarf. Sometimes I think I’m not dwarf at all. Why? Dwarf can’t be type of emotional Gnomeo (Gnomeo is known from his famous romance with Juliet)! It conflicts with stereotype!
Like on example:

Dwarf must be strong!
Dwarf must have beard to his knees!
Dwarf (the real one) must be warrior with enormous axe!
Rules of being dwarf are simple as you see. This are our race-characteristic symptoms.

But what with love? Can the real dwarf be in love? Is there any possibility that the grim murderer will be the calm and friendly in his home? War always have an influence on dwarf being. The eyes of Death can completely change the people. Same as look of Love. It’s the sense of life! These two fantastic mighty powers!
Did u ever feel real love or real danger?

Like me? The Dwarfogan is destroyed. The city of ghosts. The ruins of forgotten hope. I don’t know why I’m writing it right know, but it’s stronger than me. I can’t hide my emotions. I can’t hide that I feel real love and real danger in once. The capital city of all Dwarfs is ruined. I’m alone. Nobody is my brother anymore. The world is full of empathy. The world is full of enemies- enemies, who live in Scarlet Kingdom.

I’m training hard from now. My muscles must be bigger. I must be a one man army. I must fight for my previous happiness. The revenge for my dad is closer. However I’m still dreaming about that he is alive. Is he? I don’t know. I don’t know nothing. I must find the way how to blow up the Glorious Victory, the capital city of human motherland. As I said I’m going to Scarlet Kingdom to face the sad reality. To find my love (long-leg love especially), my father and the real…
Journey to my heart to meet Love and Death together.
Together! Why?! Because I’m Dhungor the Observer and I want my vengeance! I want to kill Love and Death together! Am I crazy? Not. I’m just the real hero, who knows the two sides of this coin:
Coin of humanity.

środa, 25 maja 2011

Poetry of Happiness

The night is awesomely clear. There are no clouds, what give me the better possibility to see the beauty of stars. My iron will is unbreakable. Some of my goals are still in the sky. In the fog of future. We’re only humans (or preferably dwarfs) . We don’t know anything about next day. Life is unpredictable. The most important thing is that we can’t give up. We can’t give up easily. The hard work of my muscles will give me the advantage in the incoming wars and ambushes. We must be strong.
-Call to arms already started. What are you looking for? Most of our brothers are on the front fighting for Dwarfogn. Don’t waste my time please!-
The alchemic of indomitable. His lion heart was stronger than the hearts of the bravest heroes. However he wasn’t a type of craftsman, who can accept compromise. For him everything was just black or white. Dualistic world without virtues between them. His crazy, ratty eyes were looking for occasion to improve his position in society. The industry was concentrated on war industry and no one needs the love poisons etc.
The stronger we are, the more alone world is. No place for humanity. Only anger. Violence. And painful hypocrisy. What we are so serious? Why he was so serious?
The Dhungor misery was completely reasonable. He was sitting on the alone rock and singing the well-known song of his lovely troubadours. The dwarf song of the dying world. When will come the day when all of negativity will disappear? He was still waiting. He still remember his dad. In love memory. It was touching and moving.
-I miss you, dad..-

Poetry of Happiness

When the sad is in your head.
When the face Is full of wet.
When the coziness is only a word
Choose the glory, pick up your sword!
Fight for the legacy, for the pride!
As a world is long and wide!
Be the man, the dwarf of frost
And drink so much, drink the most!
We can’t give up! The game isn’t over!
The perfect dwarf, the perfect lover!
Choose the sky-road, choose the win
Even that the life is full of futile sins
The perfect dwarf, the perfect knight
Full of glory and everlasting night!
Night means long party, long party and glory
This is the first step of be-dwarf ceremony!
Be-dwarf ceremony! And glory!
Hicks!... and hangover, don’t worry..

sobota, 21 maja 2011

What is the secret?

This day is the first day of my new life. I’m not blind anymore. I see things I’ve never seen before. The dimension of unlimited power of imagination. The floating ideas. I want to discover myself in the direct way to my brain. My aim is clear – gain the knowledge about our true legacy and answer the question “What is the secret of life?”. My journey start in that moment. I’m Dhungor the Observer!

I live in small town on eastern side of the country. I have many family members, but anyone believes in that I can change my destiny. I don’t want to be stupid miner. I’m not interested in minerals at all. I’m not interested in magic, money and even alcohol. Not, I’m not a stupid dwarf! I’m the explorer! I want to be known as the biggest cartographer of our realm! I must begin the journey to capital city of Dwarfogan, because this is the name of our country. Dwarolegan – the place of beginning for every dwarf. The enormous halls are shelter for many families. The families which are divided into three groups:
-Producers (especially miners)
I’m son of Khrozlord. One of the best miners in the history of Dwarfogan. His average work per our was about 213% of required daily work. His muscles, strength and durability were amazing even as for dwarf. But he died few months ago. I don’t know where. I’ve asked almost everybody, but the only answer was that he is now in the better place. How?
I must find the way to explore my own imagination. Firstly I’m going to Scarlet Kingdom. The homeland of all noble humans. I’m not from aristocratic sphere, but I believe that somewhere there is somebody who can help me. Help me to solve my problem and try to find my father. Without him the industry of Dwarfogan is falling down. The danger is really close, because the sad dwarves don’t want to work above the norm. So how we can make any progress in future strategy? The only way to fix it is find the remains of my father. I’m still thinking that alive remains. He wasn’t a type of dwarf who can give up. He was ironman with shiny, strong soul.
Soul of eternity.
The most important thing is that I have hope. I have hope and it provides me to my aim. To realize the price of this personal victory. Probably it would be the biggest test in my life. Probably it would be the last test my life. The past isn’t important. The key is answer. Answer for question: “What is the secret of life?”

środa, 18 maja 2011

The start of new hope


I’m new blogger here. I want to show my ideas about life. About world around me, because this reality isn’t the best which we can discover. I’m the fantasy fan. I love these feeling s connected with unreal characters, adventures and scary monsters. I love being a hero. I love being a creator of this world. I love my imagination. My main aim is to show you the unbreakable shape of human ideas. This is the reason why I’ve started this blog.
Do u want to be my companions in the world of evil?
Do u want discover the unimaginative reality in your own brains?!

Yeah, I want too.
Something about me?
My name is Patric and this is the only thing, which I can say about me. The our destiny begins in that place and now I will be real Game Master without my real background! Be ready for epic stories!

Let’s start in Nowhere. The place where Great Creator is making his puppets. He paints their smiles. Smiles of death. Because the death is answer for all of the questions. Have you ever seen the gaze of death? Why do u feel strange when do you look on the portrait of masked reaper? The reason is simple: