środa, 18 maja 2011

The start of new hope


I’m new blogger here. I want to show my ideas about life. About world around me, because this reality isn’t the best which we can discover. I’m the fantasy fan. I love these feeling s connected with unreal characters, adventures and scary monsters. I love being a hero. I love being a creator of this world. I love my imagination. My main aim is to show you the unbreakable shape of human ideas. This is the reason why I’ve started this blog.
Do u want to be my companions in the world of evil?
Do u want discover the unimaginative reality in your own brains?!

Yeah, I want too.
Something about me?
My name is Patric and this is the only thing, which I can say about me. The our destiny begins in that place and now I will be real Game Master without my real background! Be ready for epic stories!

Let’s start in Nowhere. The place where Great Creator is making his puppets. He paints their smiles. Smiles of death. Because the death is answer for all of the questions. Have you ever seen the gaze of death? Why do u feel strange when do you look on the portrait of masked reaper? The reason is simple: