sobota, 21 maja 2011

What is the secret?

This day is the first day of my new life. I’m not blind anymore. I see things I’ve never seen before. The dimension of unlimited power of imagination. The floating ideas. I want to discover myself in the direct way to my brain. My aim is clear – gain the knowledge about our true legacy and answer the question “What is the secret of life?”. My journey start in that moment. I’m Dhungor the Observer!

I live in small town on eastern side of the country. I have many family members, but anyone believes in that I can change my destiny. I don’t want to be stupid miner. I’m not interested in minerals at all. I’m not interested in magic, money and even alcohol. Not, I’m not a stupid dwarf! I’m the explorer! I want to be known as the biggest cartographer of our realm! I must begin the journey to capital city of Dwarfogan, because this is the name of our country. Dwarolegan – the place of beginning for every dwarf. The enormous halls are shelter for many families. The families which are divided into three groups:
-Producers (especially miners)
I’m son of Khrozlord. One of the best miners in the history of Dwarfogan. His average work per our was about 213% of required daily work. His muscles, strength and durability were amazing even as for dwarf. But he died few months ago. I don’t know where. I’ve asked almost everybody, but the only answer was that he is now in the better place. How?
I must find the way to explore my own imagination. Firstly I’m going to Scarlet Kingdom. The homeland of all noble humans. I’m not from aristocratic sphere, but I believe that somewhere there is somebody who can help me. Help me to solve my problem and try to find my father. Without him the industry of Dwarfogan is falling down. The danger is really close, because the sad dwarves don’t want to work above the norm. So how we can make any progress in future strategy? The only way to fix it is find the remains of my father. I’m still thinking that alive remains. He wasn’t a type of dwarf who can give up. He was ironman with shiny, strong soul.
Soul of eternity.
The most important thing is that I have hope. I have hope and it provides me to my aim. To realize the price of this personal victory. Probably it would be the biggest test in my life. Probably it would be the last test my life. The past isn’t important. The key is answer. Answer for question: “What is the secret of life?”

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