wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

Facts of unreal existence

Name: Dhungor
Nickname: Dark Paladin
Element: Steel
Race: Dwarf
Height: Average
Weight: Above average
Favorite weapon: 2-handad Axe
Favorite flavor:  Taste of victory
Preferable armor: Plates
Preferable alcohol: Beer, of course.
Available auras:
Aura of thorns (50% of incoming damage is reverse to attacker, passive)
Aura of dark power (+2 to strength modifier, passive)
Aura of drunk master (+20% to not occur hangover effect, passive)
Aura of charisma (+1 dice to endurance test, passive)
Available skills:
Tendon slash (-30% penalty to enemy’s initiative)
Decapitate (+200% modifier to damage)
Dark Paladin divinity (Hit Points regeneration, +10/round, passive)
Vampire touch (stealing hit points from enemy)
Ectoplasmatic ghost-call (3 ghosts respawn appear in random area)

The storyteller can sum up this character in few lines:
Strong, powerful dark paladin know as Dhungor is one of the most powerful warriors in the world. He challenge the undefeated master of Second Wind and won the duel in less than 1 minute.
The tactics of this knight is simple and can be describe by quotation 
“Iustum enim est bellum quibus necessarium, et pia arma, ubi nulla nisi in armis spes est.”
By Titus Livius.

It means that man can win every war, because in his heart there is invincible hope.
And this hope is the sense of Dhunger existence.